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Dress Code

Uniforms are royal blue polo style shirt or spirit shirt and khaki bottoms. 

Bottoms:  Khaki cotton/blend pants (No Cargo Pants). Shorts, skorts or jumpers of similar material.

Shirts:  Polo-style royal blue shirts with an optional logo/patch OR Uniform T-shirt with Eagle Logo (available to purchase in the school office).  White undershirt only.    

Spirit days:  Every Friday will be spirit day.  Students will be allowed to wear a Spirit shirt with the appropriate uniform bottom.

 Examples of Spirit Shirts are: Carolyn Park t-shirt, “I AM a Star” t-shirt, club t-shirt. Shoes:  Athletic/tennis shoes are recommended.  Flip flops or backless shoes/sandals are not permitted.

Consequences for being out of uniform: 1st Infraction: 2nd Infraction: 3rd Infraction: Warning Call or Conference with parent or guardian In School Support CPMS Uniform T-Shirt Royal Blue Polo Shirt khaki pant khaki shorts