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Faculty and Staff

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Ms. Smith, Principal

Ms. Rogers, Assistant Principal

Ms. Thompson, TRT

Faculty and Staff

Fourth Grade:

Ms. May, ELA & SS

Ms. Tolbert, ELA & SS

Ms. Johnson, Math & Science & SS

Ms. Mitternight, Math & Science & SS

Fifth Grade:

Ms. Smith, Math & Science & SS

Ms. Finn, ELA & SS

Ms. Henry, ELA & SS

Ms. Hickson, Math & Science & SS

Sixth Grade:

Ms. Cochran, Sci & SS

Ms. Coulon, Math

Ms. Santamarina, ELA


Ms. Tomes, Math

Ms. Akeroyd, ELA

Mr. Hufft, MAE

Ms. Haro, SWEDL


Ms. Golden

Enrichment Teachers and Staff:

Coach Panks, PE

Ms. Lodriguss, Library

Dr. Heard, Music/Chorus

Mr. Williams, Music/Band

Ms. Riche, Interventionist

Ms. Alombro, ELA Coach

Ms. Lewis, Math Coach

Ms. Pazos, Counselor

Mr. Pruitt, MHP


Ms. Anders, Ms. Jones, Ms. Torregano, Ms. Lampard, Mr. Lewis, Ms. Esteve, Ms. Busby

Custodial Staff:

Mr. Johnson, Ms. Twillie, Mr. Heidelberg, Mr. Chatman

Office Staff:

Ms. Ducre, Registrar

Ms. Fredrick, Bookkeeper

Cafeteria Staff:

Ms. Fogarty, Manager

Ms. Ciruti, Asst. Manager

Ms. Fogarty, Ms. Babin, Ms. Patorno